St.Valentine’s Sale: Don’t miss out!

St. Valentine’s day gives you one more reason to buy the Pro version of How to Tie a Tie if you haven’t done it yet. Get the Animated version for your iPhone or upgrade your free version to the Pro version for iPhone spending one dollar less ($1.99) than the regular price ($2.99). One dollar-off discount is active for 7 days only (till February 19). Be stylish and elegant on this very special day!
Only for 2 days, during February 13 and February 14, you’ve got a chance to get the full version of Scarf Fashion Designer absolutely FREE! Pay attention, that you can’t upgrade your Free version, you have to download the Paid version instead, at absolutely no cost! Don’t miss your chance!

Animator – make easy animations

We are continuing to work on apps which will be interesting for parents and their children. This time we’ve decided to make an app that will make an artist of any person regardless of age, gender or skills, and moreover – a creator of your own live animations!We love this app so much that we even got a bunch of facebook likes to its page.

The word ‘animation’ is derived from anima, the Latin word for soul or spirit. The verb ‘to animate’ literally means ‘to give life to‘. So, if you are an animator, you literally impact life and spirit into your creations, and along with that, make wonderful and original works of art! Try your hand at making cartoons and let your friends or favorite characters be main heroes of your animation!

We’ve made everything possible for this app to be easy and simple to navigate. And our catalog of ready-to-use animated images will be very useful for you to start with! It’s a really super-duper feature of Animator. Just pick some of the ready images from the catalog, change their size and position – and you’ve got your first animated masterpiece!You can read more at you were inspired by many things in your life, but you didn’t know how to apply this inspiration, now you’ve got a simple and powerful tool – the best animation software for iPhone, iPad and iPod – Animator app from marc berger ArtelPlus! And it’s always with you on your device, what can be cooler?!