Make Cute Animals with Lego: Lego Farm, Lego Circus and Lego Africa

We’ve added more Lego instructions to the Lego Instructions app. Now it has instructions for Lego farm set with the animals like a pig, ram and sheep; Lego circus set with funny clowns and poodles; and some more instructions for African animals: an elephant, giraffe, hippo and tropical birds.

Lego is a fun game for boys, girls and small children. Some fantasy – and using simple Lego bricks we can collect figures of people and animals. No kid will stay indifferent to a small cute dog or funny sheep into which common plastic bricks turn. New instructions included to the app will be especially useful for the beginners and parents with small children. Also, many of these animals are easy to do and they don’t require any special parts or bricks.

You can use these simple and easy Lego toys to play with your kid. While building these animals, small children can learn their names or the places where they live. For example, you can make up a story about animals that live in Africa or ask your kid to make up a story about animals that live in a farm. This will serve two purposes at a time – your kid will have fun and learn something new. Take a Lego animal and ask your kid: Do you know what animal is this? – Yes, it’s sheep. And what sound does it make? – It bleats. -Yes, that’s right…

Such games are very useful because children learn something new better while they play.

Romantic scarf knots for St. Valentine’s day

St. Valentine’s day is almost here. Have you already decided what to put on for this special day? Would you like to look romantic, sweet and beautiful? If it’s what you want, it’s high time you should get a must-have thing for any woman – a silk stylish scarf. On this special day, How to Tie a Scarf new update contains new instructions for romantic scarf knots for you. They will be perfect for silk scarves, silk printed scarves, square neckerchiefs and pashminas.

To get the real idea of the silk scarf, a truly womanish accessory, it’s necessary to spend a couple of hours in a Paris cafe watching French mademoiselles who seem to be born with a knowledge of how to wear and tie a scarf. There are a great number of ways of wearing scarves: scarves wrapped on head, scarves as a waistbands, scarves decorating bags, scarves tied around neck…

There are just few legendary trademarks known for producing quality and beautiful silk printed scarves - Gucci, Etro, Salvatore Ferragamo and Hermes. To get a silk Hermes scarf – is a golden dream of any fashion girl.

A square neckerchief is a hand-made thing made during 2 years from 250 pods of silkworms and its weight is only 65 gram! Statistically, one Hermes scarf is sold every 25 seconds though its price is rather expensive – a neckerchief of 90×90 will cost you about 400 to 700 dollars.

The great merit of a silk scarf is that it gives a final touch to the style, brings charm and drama to the final look. When going out, just tie a silk scarf around your neck – and be sure that no man will just go by not casting an admiring look at you!

How to Decorate a St. Valentine’s Gift with Origami: Origami Gift Boxes and Origami Decorations

St. Valentine’s day is coming, and many people will be presenting gifts to their friends, relatives and girlfreinds and boyfriends. This is a wonderful time, when loving people show their care and attention.

If you’ve got already in mind an idea what to present, think how you can decorate your St. Valentine’s gift so that it could be beautiful, original, and what’s more important – personal. Sometimes, it’s just some fantasy and creative ideas that can help you make some beautiful gift decorations without spending much money and time.

We’ve got some useful and extraordinary gift decoration ideas for you. This time, to decorate your gift for St. Valentine’s day or any other event, you’ll only need some paper. There are many origami decorations which you can use for decorating your gift, for example, origami roses, origami tulips and other flowers, origami gift boxes. You can fold a rose and use it to decorate your gift box or you can fold a dozen roses to present them as an origami gift which you made yourself.

Look at the pictures below which we’ve done for you and use these gift decoration ideas for your own gift!


Use Origami Instructions app for iPhone, iPod and Android phones which will help you make various beautiful gift decoration in minutes.

Tips on How to Wear a Scarf: European Loop a.k.a the Parisian Knot

Scarves have become an important part of men’s and women’s closet, they are a stylish accessory and can make any boring outfit look great and fashionable. If women started wearing scarves long ago, men have just discovered a new accessory that brings charm and sex appeal. Having a scarf in your wardrobe is just as necessary as to have a wardrobe at all. Unfortunately, many men just don’t know the right way to wear a scarf. Some are too conservative to buy one though they find stylish other people wearing scarves.

Let’s start today with the easiest and classic knot which is the European loop. Sometimes it’s also called the Parisian knot. It provides a great amount of warmth without sacrificing style and the resulting look is very European and sophisticated.

So, how should men wear the European loop to match their outfit? There are 2 examples of classic combinations that always look good.

This knot looks great on a short button-down jacket or a coat with a notched collar. On a very cold day, you can tuck the scarf into the jacket. It’s also good for wearing on a short trim or leather jacket.

Many celebrities like David Beckham or Brad Pitt wear their scarf with a polo neck shirt with long sleeves or a pullover.

Of course, before tying a scarf, make sure that it will be matching your outfit. Don’t be afraid of colorful scarves, they will draw attention to your face. But if you are too conservative or only starting to play with the scarves, buy yourself a dark blue, black, maroon or a grey scarf. They will look very stylish and will go with everything.

In How to Tie a Scarf app you’ll find many other fascinating scarf knots. More info how to wear scarves in our future posts!

How to Wear a Bow Tie

A bow tie is a great alternative to a tie, a nice accessory for the evening dress and just a fashionable piece of clothing able to make you look elegant. There are numerous types of bow ties varying is size and lanyards fabrics, and color, that’s why it is quite possible to find a bow tie which will be suiting your face oval and body shape and suitable for the event you’re going to.

There are several simple rules to follow when you’re wearing a bow tie, remember them – and they will definitely help you out when the time comes.

  1. Face Bow TieThe bow tie shouldn’t be wider than the distance between outer corners of eyes or outer edges of the collar of a dress-shirt. Otherwise you’ll be looking like a clown.
  2. If you’re a beginner in wearing a bow tie, exercise a couple of times in tying a bow. For this, cross your right leg over your left knee, and tie a bow tie around your ankle like you’re tying lace on your boots. This is considered the classic way of tying a bow.
  3. Red Bow TieGrey Bow TieMatch the bow tie with your clothes and especially the dress-shirt. The bow tie looks great with a patricide collar (winged folded points) or a turndown collar. If you’re wearing  a patricide collar type dress-shirt, be sure to place the bow before the collar wings (see the picture).

You can find more detailed diagrams how to tie a bow tie in How to Tie a Tie app. Along with different ways of tying a tie, How to Tie a Tie presents 2 ways of tying a bow tie: simple and classic methods.

More useful advice about ties and how to wear them at