Does Windsor suit your face shape?

So now you know a little bit more about Windsor and it is still your favourite knot. Now it’s time to consider one more aspect of wearing a tie – the face.

Many people know that to make a perfect tie knot they should match up their tie with a shirt and a suit. But many don’t know that different knots suit different face shapes, and depending on what tie knot you’re wearing you can either accentuate your face peculiarities or disguise some evident drawbacks. For example, Oriental, a very small tie knot, doesn’t fit people with round faces. Why? It’s too small, and can easily get lost under one’s broad neck.

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Christmas is coming with new LEGO® Instructions update!

Oh do you hear the Christmas bells that ring out loud and clear?
Oh can you see our Christmas tree? It fills the room with cheer.
And do you know how you will spend the Christmas holidays events?

Make an event yourself! New iOS version of LEGO® Instructions 3.2.1 has a set of Christmas-related building instructions, like, Santa, X-tree, Snowman and more! Spend a nice cozy evening with your relatives and friends building wonderful Christmas Lego toys.

Now the web-based storage accounts for about 150 instructions. Along with X-mas toys, we’ve added some robots, planes and cars. Merry Christmas to everyone!