A few ideas how Origami can help you spend a nice sunny day


It’s a fine sunny day outside and you think how you can occupy your kid to make him spend a day out and have fun. Or you’re planning to have a picnic out of town with the family, what can you do to have a great time together? 

We’ve got some ideas for you how you can spend a day with origami having fun.

  1. Make a paper airplane contest. Each participant should choose a plane model and build it according to the instruction. Origami Instructions app now has many instructions for folding paper airplanes. When planes are ready, you can paint it as you wish or paint a sign on the wing. The contest will be interesting if the competitors have different plane models. You can determine two winners: one who makes his airplane that flies the farthest; and another one who makes his airplane that flies the longest time. Moreover, it’s so beautiful to see many bright planes slide in the air!
  2. If there’s a lake or creek nearby, you can hold a paper boat race. You give the same task to all participants: to build their boat, paint it and even give a name. Let everybody pick the model that he or she likes best. And then let them sail as far as they can!
  3. If your kids are too small to fold paper airplanes or boats you can make several colorful kids windmills. Glue or stick them to some wands and go out for a walk with your kids. Show your kid that if he goes faster the windmill is spinning faster and if he runs the windmill is spinning very fast! Make several windmills of various sizes and watch if their spin speed depends on its size.
  4. And in a hot summer day you can organize water fights with water bombs in the pool or in the beech. Fold a water bomb according to the origami instruction, fill it with water and your deathly weapon is ready! Also you can make a contest for casting them at the target.
  5. All these origami instructions for folding paper planes, paper boats, paper kids windmills and water bombs are waiting for you in the Origami Instructions app! Have a good time together!



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