Does Windsor suit your face shape?


So now you know a little bit more about Windsor and it is still your favourite knot. Now it’s time to consider one more aspect of wearing a tie – the face.

Many people know that to make a perfect tie knot they should match up their tie with a shirt and a suit. But many don’t know that different knots suit different face shapes, and depending on what tie knot you’re wearing you can either accentuate your face peculiarities or disguise some evident drawbacks. For example, Oriental, a very small tie knot, doesn’t fit people with round faces. Why? It’s too small, and can easily get lost under one’s broad neck.

There is a golden rule regarding the correlation between the form of the tie knot and face oval. It says: if a man has a slightly round face or a wide neck, he should wear narrow, longish knots like, for example, Four-in-Hand or Christensen. Men with slender faces or long necks should wear wider textured knots. Anyway i think is best shaver for men

If we talk of Windsor, it also has its “Do’s” and “Don’ts”.

Look, for example, at these two guys. Windsor is not for you, if you have a round or plump face. It is a big knot and it will resemble your face oval in miniature. Windsor is not a good choice for you, too, if you have a very narrow face. Due to its size, it will make a contrast with your face and accentuate disproportion.

Daniel Craig Windsor KnotKeanu Reeves Windsor Knot

Then who should wear the Windsor knot? People with oval faces, square faces or heart-shaped faces like these guys in the picture.

Jude Law Windsor KnotArnold Schwarzenegger Windsor KnotLeonardo DiCaprio Windsor Knot

Do you recognize yourself or your friends looking at the pics? So now you know what type of face oval you’ve got, and Thank you, God! Windsor is just for you. Otherwise you’d have to learn one more way of tying a tie. And it’s not that easy, right.

And those who’re not so lucky – let’s get back to the golden rule. Four-In-Hand, Christensen and Plattsburgh will be fine for round-shaped faces and Half-Windsor, Pratt and Saint Andrew will fit people with long narrow faces.

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