Easy and Practical Origami: How to use Origami in everyday life


When we hear the word ‘origami’, we often associate it with funny paper figures of animals that we used to fold at school, or with children, but many people don’t even guess that origami can be more useful than it seems. Origami can come in handy anytime and be useful not only for children but also for grown-ups. Sharing interests with children is cool, and if you use some creativity and fantasy, your kids will be delighted to join you and appreciate the result.

A new update of Origami Instructions now includes folding instructions for many useful and extraordinary things which you can do in minutes. See the below examples of practical and useful origami.

If you’re waiting for guests, you can use this paper basket and paper saucers to lay the table and fill it with sweets or candies. It will look nice on the children’s table at your kid’s birthday party. And if you’re going out for a picnic, such paper baskets and saucers will be extremely useful as you won’t need to bring any dishes or plates with you and the table served with such baskets made of colorful paper will look very attractive. Moreover, no trouble to clean up the mess afterwards. 

1. A small origami basket for sweets or candies or other trivia.

2. A paper saucer.

3. A dog-box. You can use this box for chips, candies, any small toys, or pencils, or any husks at the kitchen. And it’s easy to throw away.

4. A fish-shaped package to keep biscuits, candies or pencils… These packages are easy to make and it’s convenient to hold them in hand. You can wrap a present for a kid into this paper ‘fish’. Put these bright ‘fishes’ with surprises inside into the basket and you’ll see how your kids will be admired.

5. Origami bookmarkers. Often for our books as a bookmarker we use a patch of paper found in a hurry. Some people buy bookmarkers in stores. But it’s very simple and quick to make a bookmarker with your own hands. The bookmarker gets hooked on the page with the heart and it won’t slide if the book suddenly falls down and opens. Try yourself and teach your kid.

Also, this bookmarker can become a nice present for any happy event. You can write down some memorable words on the reverse side of the bookmarker and they will remind a person of your care and attention.

6. Envelopes for letters. You can use such envelopes to put an invitation card for your kid’s birthday or a greeting card. Any grandma’s heart will melt down if she receives a letter from her grandchildren in an envelope like this. Common printed envelopes are best suited for official communication while such funny hand-made envelopes show your warm attitude to a person.

7. Photo frames. Make colorful photo frames and decorate your table or book shelf with them. You’ll notice that every time you’ll be looking at them your heart will be filled with warm memories. Also, you can present photos in this frame to all relatives or event members. You can put your kid’s drawing into this frame to keep it and your kid will be happy to see that you really care about what he did for you.


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