How to Decorate a St. Valentine’s Gift with Origami: Origami Gift Boxes and Origami Decorations


St. Valentine’s day is coming, and many people will be presenting gifts to their friends, relatives and girlfreinds and boyfriends. This is a wonderful time, when loving people show their care and attention.

If you’ve got already in mind an idea what to present, think how you can decorate your St. Valentine’s gift so that it could be beautiful, original, and what’s more important – personal. Sometimes, it’s just some fantasy and creative ideas that can help you make some beautiful gift decorations without spending much money and time.

We’ve got some useful and extraordinary gift decoration ideas for you. This time, to decorate your gift for St. Valentine’s day or any other event, you’ll only need some paper. There are many origami decorations which you can use for decorating your gift, for example, origami roses, origami tulips and other flowers, origami gift boxes. You can fold a rose and use it to decorate your gift box or you can fold a dozen roses to present them as an origami gift which you made yourself.

Look at the pictures below which we’ve done for you and use these gift decoration ideas for your own gift!


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