How to organize a kid’s birthday party with Origami Instructions. Princess’s ball (from 4 to 7 years old).



Many girls will like the idea of organizing a Princess Ball. This is the day when they can put on a beautiful dresses, necklaces and other accessories. State in the invitation card that a gala dress is required. Parents who will be carrying out the responsibilities of masters of ceremony should become ‘fairies’ during the event.

First of all, decorate the space to look like a fairy castle. You can make flowers from glossy paper (Origami Instructions app contains many origami flowers and instructions how to fold them), colorful bows, scissor out the gates of the castle from hard paper and decorate them with tinsel. String everywhere colorful balloons.

Lay the table with a white or pink tablecloth. Fix tinsel bows and stars scissored out from silver paper to the edges of the cloth. Decorate drinking glasses in the same way. To make the table look more enchanting, place candles in pink candlesticks.

The day before the holiday, don’t forget to handle out invitations to the guests. They are easily made with your own hands in the form of cards from colored paper. Glue a cut-off crown at the top and scatter some spangles.

When all guests have come, tie a bright bow round guest’s arm as a pass. Then ‘fairies’ – masters of ceremony – announce that today the ritual of initiation for princes and princesses is taking place but for that kids have to pass through 6 tests:

1st test – each guest is blindfolded and he must guess what fairies are treating him with;
2nd test – test for accuracy: a ball must be thrown to the box. After two unsuccessful attempts one can move closer to the box;
3rd test – a concert test: one must declare a poem or sing a song.
4th test – a mystery solving test: one must solve 7 riddles.
5th test – a magic sack: one puts his hand in the sack and guesses the object on the touch.
6th test – guess a magic character illustrated in the picture.

When all kids have passed through all tests, the most festive moment of the ceremony is taking place. At this point it is necessary to have made before or make right now together with children some jewelry from gold and silver paper (crowns, necklaces, bracelets, rings) and put them on the members of the ceremony with accompaniment of a solemn music. You can find many instructions for origami rings, bracelets and other ‘biju’ in Origami Instructions. Pay attention that kids are fond of dressing up so be careful to provide each kid with a number of pretty-pretties.
After that the fresh-baked Princes and Princesses are invited to the table and then – dance.