Paper hats ideas or how to make a paper hat almost from nothing (easy paper hat instructions)


If suddenly you find yourself somewhere in a sunny spot (while hiking, on the beach or during a guided tour) and you don’t get a hat, don’t worry at all as you can fold a paper hat from a single sheet of paper easily and quickly. The collection of origami designs in Origami Instructions has become wider: now the app contains several types of paper hat instructions to protect you from the sun so that you can pick the one which suits you best of all.

And if you’re going for a picnic with your family, you can fold a different paper hat to each member of the family. Paper hat folding can be amazingly funny and cool. For example, a tricorne or three-cornered hat is the best choice for the father who will look like a real Napoleon, a garrison cap will be good for a son, and mothers and daughters will look nice in beautiful paper hats of various styles. Don’t worry if you don’t have some good paper at hand – you can make paper hats from newspapers, too (some of them are truly worth of it, by the way).

Besides, paper hats for kids can be variously decorated. Kids can paint them with markers or tie some bands, glue some feathers, make paper fringes or even paper flowers. Use some creativity and fantasy – and your paper hat design will be extraordinary and your head will be safely protected from the sun. Your main task here – not to be caught in the rain.

Is it possible to use paper hats for other purposes? Yes, sure. For example, if you’re painting the ceiling such a hat will protect your head from the drops of paint. Your head will surely tell you a ‘thank you’ while the hat is just thrown away.

Also, you can wear such hats in a fancy ball or your kid’s costume birthday party.  Every guest can choose a special paper hat design, decorate it at his choice, put it on and play his role.
These paper hats are easy to make and your kids will be busy with funny and useful activities and little girls will be especially delighted to feel like real fashionistas.