This is enevitable truth


This is enevitable truth: many men don’t know how to tie a tie, and they’re lucky, if they’ve got someone, like, for example, their wife to help them and make a descent tie knot from the second or third attempt. Many other men, though, know how to tie one type of the knot which they learned from their father. It’s a sort of family tradition to tie a tie in one style which is passed from father to son like mothers pass on their family jewels to their daughters.

But who said that this only tie knot that you’ve eventually mastered, suits you, your face oval or the dress shirt you’re wearing or the tie itself? For example, if you have a slender face you’d better not make the famous and simple Four-in-Hand knot cause it will only accentuate the sharpness of your face.

A man who wants to have his own style must know how to tie at least 4 tie knots at a minimum – even if he’s addicted to one type of the collar shirt!

Try How to Tie a Tie app on your phone and tie your necktie in 4 different styles. You’ll see that one and the same tie can give different impressions when tied differently, and you’ll be able to pick the most good-looking tie knot for any tie. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tie knotting techniques, it’s only then you’ll find your own style and be confident!

Look, for example, at these tie knots:

This blog will be giving you some useful advice on how to make different tie knots, how to wear ties, match them by color and many other things you’d like to know!


‘A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life’.

Oscar Wild