Tips How to Fold and Carry a Pocket Square


Cool news – we’ve released new version of How to Tie a Tie 5.1 which has new instructions how to fold a pocket square. Now the app provides a full range of those little secrets of a true gentleman! We are glad to announce that we’re giving out the app at a reduced price of $2.99 ($4.99)! This is a nice opportunity to appreciate all merits of the How to Tie a Tie with additional pocket square folding instructions and get the app at the best price! 

The pocket square which is usually found in a man’s suit jacket breast pocket is the ultimate accessory for any true gentleman. This is an elegant accessory to a good-sitting suit and a small detail that brings chic and style to his owner.

It is important to know some rules about pocket squares like how to pick colors, what fabric to choose, how to fold them for this or that event, as these rules will help you feel confident and look every bit gorgeous.

Here are some tips that will help you in choosing and wearing a pocket square:

A pocket square is noway to be identical to the tie. Often ties are sold together with the same patterned pocket square as a tie/pocket square set. But this is not the best option for you if you care about your style. A pocket square is a separate accessory that brings a bit of contrast and attention to a suit. So avoid matching their colors exactly.

The general rule is that you should choose such pocket squares that compliment some color on your tie. Even better if the pocket square color is a bit more obscure than that of your tie. There are no strict rules when it comes to ‘pocket squares’; they can be made of silk, cotton, linen, and even wool. But if you stick to the golden middle, you should prefer solid silk or Jacquard fabrics.

If you are not wearing a tie, you can enjoy the variety of patterns, colors and fabrics. Though it is desirable that a pocket square complimented the suit or the shirt.

Never use a pocket square for any ‘hygienic’ purposes. It is merely a fancy thing of your wardrobe. For all other purposes carry a plain white cotton handkerchief in your trouser back pocket. As you wouldn’t think of using your tie to dry your mouth so likewise you mustn’t use your pocket square for such tasks. So, follow this rule: always carry two pocket squares: one in your breast pocket and one in your back pocket for yourself.

Also you shouldn’t use some ready-folded squares that are made of cardboard with fabric attached. They seem to provide an easy solution – just put this small square into the pocket and it’s done. But as a stylish gentleman wouldn’t wear pre-tied bow-ties and clip-on neckties likewise you should avoid using these ‘junk’ style squares.

How to Tie a Tie app now includes many different ways of folding a pocket square like Square Fold, Cagney, Winged Puff, One Corner Up Fold and many others. Master these pocket square folds to add a touch of class to your suits.


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  1. Well you sound like you need some etiquette lessons ……A gentleman always carries an extra handkerchief in his pocket for those unexpected times and a pocket square is never used , except for embellishing his outfit .

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