Tips on How to Wear a Scarf: European Loop a.k.a the Parisian Knot


Scarves have become an important part of men’s and women’s closet, they are a stylish accessory and can make any boring outfit look great and fashionable. If women started wearing scarves long ago, men have just discovered a new accessory that brings charm and sex appeal. Having a scarf in your wardrobe is just as necessary as to have a wardrobe at all. Unfortunately, many men just don’t know the right way to wear a scarf. Some are too conservative to buy one though they find stylish other people wearing scarves.

Let’s start today with the easiest and classic knot which is the European loop. Sometimes it’s also called the Parisian knot. It provides a great amount of warmth without sacrificing style and the resulting look is very European and sophisticated.

So, how should men wear the European loop to match their outfit? There are 2 examples of classic combinations that always look good.

This knot looks great on a short button-down jacket or a coat with a notched collar. On a very cold day, you can tuck the scarf into the jacket. It’s also good for wearing on a short trim or leather jacket.

Many celebrities like David Beckham or Brad Pitt wear their scarf with a polo neck shirt with long sleeves or a pullover.

Of course, before tying a scarf, make sure that it will be matching your outfit. Don’t be afraid of colorful scarves, they will draw attention to your face. But if you are too conservative or only starting to play with the scarves, buy yourself a dark blue, black, maroon or a grey scarf. They will look very stylish and will go with everything.

In How to Tie a Scarf app you’ll find many other fascinating scarf knots. More info how to wear scarves in our future posts!


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