Animation Studio

Powerful application for the ordinary people!
Use How to Draw app if you want to draw as a professional artist!
Use Animation Studio app if you want to make easy and best animations as a professional animator!

Unique functions:

  • The catalog of animated images: use images from the catalog to make your animations quickly and professional
  • Drawing in layers: advanced level in creating animations

Other great features:

  • Set a flexible background to use in all images.
  • Use any color or size brush to draw.
  • You can change the order of frames.
  • Copy your image to the next frame.
  • Save your animations to work on again later.
  • Export and import of the individual layers and the finished animation.
  • The stream layer: allows you to connect layers in several successive frames and synchronously change size,┬áposition and transparency of the layers in your drawing.

And much more!