How to Draw

If you ask yourself how to learn to draw – the answer is just before your eyes. If you want to learn to draw, or improve your drawing skills or just need some drawing ideas – this free drawing application is just for you!
How to Draw

‘How to Draw Animals, Cartoons, Cars, etc.’ app is exactly for those who like to draw, but do not know how to start with! It will teach you how to draw a lot of stuff, for example, cats, dogs, horses, planes, cars, cartoons and dragons! It’s also best for drawing for kids or teaching them how to draw. It’s perfect for spending time with your family.

The app contains step by step drawing lessons. Each drawing is divided into several steps which are easy to follow. Random lines will help you to end up your drawing with a complete picture. You can train drawing both on paper with a pen or try on-screen drawing on your iPhone/iPad.

You can find a variety of styles in this application, easy and more complicated pictures. What else? The screen is designed like graph paper helping you to make the right proportions of an object.

The app includes a lot of drawings made in different styles and varying in complexity. It will teach you how to draw:

  1. Animals
  2. Fairy tale characters
  3. Cartoon characters
  4. Cars
  5. Airplanes
  6. Fantasy characters
  7. Trees and Flowers
  8. Dragons
  9. Celebrities
  10. People

and much more!

For drawing right on the screen, you’ve got a great selection of drawing tools:

  • modes to see the instruction lines or your drawing;
  • zooming in/out;
  • deleting lines by tapping on the eraser;
  • choosing a brush and its width;
  • picking colors to paint the picture!

Finished the picture? Save it on your phone or send it to your friends!

See more video tutorials

Take a note:
Start with the easiest drawings like a cap or a tree. Try to draw the same object several times and then pass to more complex drawings. The application is designed to develop your drawing skills. Just take some paper and a pencil and have fun with it.

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