How to Draw Demo


How to draw a Superman step by step on real paper with our app as a teacher:

How to draw a dog step by step with our drawing app:

How to draw a cat step by step with our drawing app:

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50 thoughts on “How to Draw Demo

  1. Hi could you help me I don’t understand how to get the pencil and then change to pen and when need be use the rubber to rub the pencil out, can anyone tell me thankyou

  2. Why is it that u go to download an image it doesn’t show up? Is there a full app for this? tried several pics but no image. Thanks

    • Not necessarily, we have a lot of drawings for free!

      Try to wait some time – new image is displayed immediatelly after download will be complete, it takes not more 1 minute.

    • Do you mean Android version? If it’s true then yes, now this version doesn’t support removing schemes. But in our future update we will add this feature.

  3. Hi I Waz wondering what if u want to draw a different face from the one you guys have on the app and can I draw it in the iPod

  4. Hi
    Thanks for this nice app. I like to draw the samples, but whenever I try to draw something else (faces or animals from my photos) it looks very bad. How can Iearn to dra, or learn to find the help lines by myself?

  5. I love this app. But it is sooooo hard to draw with my finger. Also will you add more pics for free.

    • How do you draw with your finger its like you can’t even draw half of a line strate

  6. I would like a blank space beside the picture so that I can see the picture as I draw. I feel that I am doing no more then tracing so am not learning anything. I am getting on quite well though by drawing onto paper.

  7. This is something really really good. I really got so easy steps to draw now

  8. i has bought full version, but the download has some problem, so i delete this game and install again, oh my god! the game is not full version! how can i do?

    • I have purchased the image but they seem to be locked back again, why?

      This may happen if you delete the application and install it back again. You just need to press ‘Unlock..’ button and proceed with purchase, the system will notify you that you have already bought the images. You will not be charged for any money, you will get the images for free.

  9. Need blank canvas beside instructional canvas so you can learn,not trace.
    Need to be able to download your own photo for step by step tracing with blank canvas beside it for personal follow a long sketching

  10. Hey I bought the full version and I love it but after an hour or so, everytime I tried to download another image, it would say 100% complete, yet not show up. I tried reinstalling it, and that worked for a little, but after about an hour, it stopped being able to download. I’m really getting frustrated, I can’t draw anymore images and I paid full price =/ please help

  11. Is there a listing anywhere of people who are looking for someone to partner up with for the Draw Something game? I’m new to it. And my enthusiasm outweighs the list of friends I have who already play!

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