How to Tie a Scarf

Your scarf can be a stylish accessory if you know how to tie it. With the How to Tie a Scarf app for your phone you’ll learn how to tie more than 25 scarf knots following easy instructions.

Both men and women will appreciate an outstanding catalog of the most popular scarf knots which will make you look great at any time. You can wear scarves not only for warmth but also for fashion any time of the year. How to Tie a Scarf is a real fashion guide which is always with you.

‘How to Tie a Scarf’ will teach you how to knot various scarf knots in a simple and effective way. Just follow the scarf tying steps with big pictures and clear instructions accompanied by short succinct descriptions of each of the scarf styles. Reading them you’ll know how to match your scarf with your outfit and which of the knot is best suited for which event, for example, for a business meeting or romantic evening.

Men can try to tie the European loop or the Casual knot, to start with. These knots look great with winter scarves. Women will like the variety of knots for silk scarves, pashminas, shawls and head wraps.

How to Tie a Scarf for iPhone main features:

  • stunning collection of scarf styles
  • big preview picture
  • clear step-by-step instructions
  • setting an auto-rotate function
  • short descriptive tests for each scarf knot
  • easy navigation

Look elegant and fashionable with our scarf tying guide!

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