How to Tie a Windsor Tie

The ‘Windsor’ tie knot, also known as ‘Double Windsor’, is one of the most popular and classic necktie knots. The Windsor knot is thick and wide with a triangular shape, and it’s best suited for spread collar shirts or cutaway collar shirts. The Windsor knot is often thought to be named after the Duke of Windsor. It was, however, likely invented by his father George V. The Duke preferred a wide knot and usually tied his ties with the conventional Four in hand knot. While Windsor became as wide-spread as the Four-in-hand knot, it’s more complicated in tying and looks less impressive. To make it look more attractive, use colored or patterned or stylish ties to wear a Windsor.

The wide end of the tie should be on your left side and should be longer than the narrow end by a few inches.

Bring the wide end of the tie over the narrow.

Bring the wide end up through the middle.

Then down to the left.

Bring the wide end behind the narrow end.

Bring the wide end of the tie up.

Bring the wide end down through the middle, to the left.

Swing it over in front, to the right.

Then bring it up through the back.

Hold the front of the knot loose with your index finger, pass the wide end down through the loop (created in the previous step) in front. And tighten the knot.

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  1. I love tying nots, especially in a beautiful silk. I will dedicate one tie per illustration. Thanks for the app.

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