Idiom in Use

A must-have training tool for those who studies English! Learning English with Idioms in Use is a golden opportunity for those who learns English to improve reading and listening skills and learn new vocabulary.

‘Idioms in Use’ app will help you master comprehension and use of English idioms and collocations in speech.
Bright and memorable examples from the colloquial speech will help you quickly memorize idiomatic expressions and learn how to use them in everyday language. And an extended test of the IELTS standard will help you nail down your knowledge.

Using Idioms in Use you’ll get:

  • 700 most used idioms and collocations of the English language which are often met in different English tests for foreign speakers;
  • idiom definition in English in simple words which can be understood by any English student including beginners;
  • 3 examples of the idiom usage in speech taken from the spoken language and classic literature;
  • an option to mark the necessary idioms as ‘Favorites’, that is, form your own idiom lists;
  • a Quiz of 200 questions which will help you study the idioms by choosing one answer out of four to the question.

A user can find the required idiom, look for the idiom meaning in the idiom list and look at the example of how the idiom is used in speech.

The app is a must-have for all English language learners irrespective of their skill level or language proficiency, and will be especially useful for students, teachers of English as a foreign language, those who are leaving for the English-speaking countries, or who like to read original books and newspapers.

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