LEGO® Instructions

Do you or your children or friends like to spend time creating beautiful LEGO® toys?

You have a LEGO® set and a great desire to make your favorite car, or castle, or robot. You are ready to start… but can’t find you building scheme. It is lost or was torn somehow. Do not worry.

LEGO® Instructions is the app exactly for those who lost or somehow doesn’t get their building instruction for building LEGO® items.

The app includes dozens LEGO® schemes for popular LEGO® sets which you can easily make in several minutes. It includes many different types of objects:

  • cars
  • planes
  • ships
  • animals
  • houses
  • StarWar ships

LEGO® Instructions is the only app which presents building instructions in big pictures step-by-step. It makes the assembling process easy and quick.

What’s more? Now you can find more than 100 building instructions for the popular LEGO® toys in web based storage and download them for free.

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Take a note:
This app was created by fans of LEGO and is not an official LEGO® product.

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