How to Tie a Tie is featured on Google play!

Father’s Day is coming! To celebrate it and make a useful present to all fathers and sons, Google Play Store is featuring How to Tie a Tie on its main page! Launch Play Store on your device – and get free version of How to Tie a Tie!

If you’d like to get a full collection of tie knots and get rid of advertisements, take advantage of our special offer – get the Pro version of How to tie a Tie at a reduced price of $0.99! The offer is valid for 2 days only!

Windows Mobile and Palm versions of our apps discontinued

Unfortunately we discontinue development and support of our apps for Windows Mobile and Palm OS and focus on booming iOS and Android.

If you like our ThemeArt, then you will probably like How to DrawLEGO® Instructions or Origami Instructions, their free versions run on iOS and Android.

For users of business-related TheBat! Sync and aPassword we can offer our apps How to Tie a Tie and How to Tie a Scarf, they are free, too.

Geeks using Mobile Macros are welcomed to Idiom in Use.

We hope for your understanding.