Lego Instructions for Building Letters and Figures from Lego Bricks

Your kid has grown enough to study and it’s time to teach him how to read and to count. But little children have difficulties in understanding and remembering abstract letters and figures. It’s better when a kid can not only hear and see but also touch the object of learning. And best of all, it’s when kids learn letters and figures while they play, then the studying process will be more interesting.

‘Lego Instructions’ app now contains instructions for building letters and figures out of Lego bricks. You and your kid together can make a whole alphabet and make words of it. Bring volume to the letters when you can take a letter in hand. You can think out what this or that letter looks like, for example, ask your kid what letter A looks like? And then let him try to come up with an answer. If he says that it looks like an arch, ask him to show you how a car can drive through the archway. And what if letter A looks like a cottage house? Who can peep out of the window?

And then ask your kid to name several words that start from this letter. When he is at ease with the letters and have no difficulty in recognizing them, then you may offer him to make his name using these letters or any other simple words. Such a game can be very exciting  and it will help your kid to quickly memorize all letters and start reading.

Make Cute Animals with Lego: Lego Farm, Lego Circus and Lego Africa

We’ve added more Lego instructions to the Lego Instructions app. Now it has instructions for Lego farm set with the animals like a pig, ram and sheep; Lego circus set with funny clowns and poodles; and some more instructions for African animals: an elephant, giraffe, hippo and tropical birds.

Lego is a fun game for boys, girls and small children. Some fantasy – and using simple Lego bricks we can collect figures of people and animals. No kid will stay indifferent to a small cute dog or funny sheep into which common plastic bricks turn. New instructions included to the app will be especially useful for the beginners and parents with small children. Also, many of these animals are easy to do and they don’t require any special parts or bricks.

You can use these simple and easy Lego toys to play with your kid. While building these animals, small children can learn their names or the places where they live. For example, you can make up a story about animals that live in Africa or ask your kid to make up a story about animals that live in a farm. This will serve two purposes at a time – your kid will have fun and learn something new. Take a Lego animal and ask your kid: Do you know what animal is this? – Yes, it’s sheep. And what sound does it make? – It bleats. -Yes, that’s right…

Such games are very useful because children learn something new better while they play.

Christmas is coming with new LEGO® Instructions update!

Oh do you hear the Christmas bells that ring out loud and clear?
Oh can you see our Christmas tree? It fills the room with cheer.
And do you know how you will spend the Christmas holidays events?

Make an event yourself! New iOS version of LEGO® Instructions 3.2.1 has a set of Christmas-related building instructions, like, Santa, X-tree, Snowman and more! Spend a nice cozy evening with your relatives and friends building wonderful Christmas Lego toys.

Now the web-based storage accounts for about 150 instructions. Along with X-mas toys, we’ve added some robots, planes and cars. Merry Christmas to everyone!